Lease Administration

You understand the value of lease administration, but is it your core competency?

No one understands the importance of accurate and timely lease administration like a property owner or investor. Simple mistakes—such as late processing of a lease amendment or an early termination—can cost thousands of dollars per year when multiplied across a large portfolio.

Accurate lease administration that reduces costs is OUR core competency

RTrust’s deep understanding of real estate operating processes enables us to provide accurate and consistent lease administration services at reduced costs. We adapt client and industry best practices to provide timely lease administration services using your property management system—including JD Edwards, MRI and Yardi. We manage the day-to-day administration of leases and provide you with real-time access and ownership of accurate and consistent data.

Ongoing value

Thanks to ongoing planning, strong oversight and change management, RTrust enables real improvements that continue to benefit your bottom line after the initial transition:

  • Improve data quality
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve processes
  • Reduce costs

RTrust’s focus on quality lease data is supported by our proprietary lease abstraction and workflow management system which enable continuous and rigorous quality control monitoring and reviews. We assign a local project manager to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Lease Administration Services include:

  • Reviewing and scanning of lease and renewal documents
  • Lease document abstraction
  • Updating of property management system with lease and renewal data
  • Processing monthly rent rolls and integrating it with the Accounts Receivable system
  • Inputting/interfacing sales data for percent rent
  • Straight-lining of rent
  • Set-up and invoicing of CAM charges including periodic CAM reconciliations
  • Providing critical data management and alert management
  • Generating reports to meet various requirements
  • Preparing budgets and drafting correspondence
  • Reviewing responses related to lease administration
  • Maintaining up-to-date DCF models

Benefits of Lease Administration services

  • Reduced errors due to inaccurate lease data management
  • Improved landlord-tenant relationships with improved accuracy to billing and data
  • Scalable labor force eliminates the need to locate, hire and train lease administration employees

What now?