Executive Reporting & Analytics

Reporting services that deliver transparency into your portfolio’s operations

Having access to reports and analytical tools that ensure decisions are based on accurate facts is critical for every real estate company’s management team. That’s why RTrust provides custom reporting and analytics services that are built on a foundation of accurate, timely lease data and financial reporting. To this we add custom reporting options and web-based dashboards that provide insight beyond standard financial reports and deliver transparency into your portfolio’s operations.

Custom reporting options

RTrust offers report development services designed specifically for real estate companies’ unique reporting needs using a wide variety of tools. We provide clients with the ability to produce accurate and timely reports that are not available in off-the-shelf reporting capabilities, and we do so without breaking the bank. RTrust has significant experience designing, creating and testing custom reports for a wide variety of platforms including:

  • Yardi, MRI, J.D. Edwards
  • Siebel
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Reporting Services, SharePoint (MOSS), SQL
  • .Net

Our professionals work closely with you to understand your business needs before designing reports. They then develop and test the final suite of tools before delivering a finished product. We understand real estate operations, so we are uniquely qualified to help you define and refine the reports you need.

What we can do

RTrust offers a wide variety of services and tools to provide you with the information and insight you need. We have extensive experience helping real estate companies:

  • Design services that begin with base data capture and design through meta data definition;
  • Select appropriate presentation media such as printed reports, PDF documents, web-based presentations, interactive data presentations or Excel;
  • Develop reports in various formats including pivot table views, chart views, table views, etc.;
  • Design and develop Executive Dashboards; and
  • Enhance reports with drill-down hierarchies and embedded Business Logic.

Centered on lease data

A key to successful real estate company operations revolves around accurate and timely lease data to support accurate tenant billings, ensure proper expense recoveries and maintain positive tenant relationships. In the same way, accurate and timely lease data is at the center of every management decision you make. Therefore the right reports and analytical tools to ensure that your decisions are based on accurate facts is critical.

What now?