Discounted Cash Flow Modelling

Expensive. Time-consuming. Inconsistent. Sound familiar?

Whether performed as part of an acquisition, disposition or ongoing asset management, the development of robust and accurate Discounted Cash Flow (“DCF”) models is often time consuming and expensive. Often DCF modelling and on-going lease administration activities are performed by two different departments, resulting in duplication of lease abstraction activities, inconsistencies in data and increased expenses. RTrust offers Lease Abstraction services that ensure your lease data is abstracted consistently and accurately across portfolios while our proprietary data repository serves a single set of lease data for both DCF modelling and ongoing lease administration purposes.

Our proprietary repository saves time and money

RTrust utilizes a proprietary repository for abstracted lease data that acts as a single source of data for both DCF models and ongoing lease administration. Our repository enforces data standardization and enables automatic data review that increases your data consistency and accuracy, saving you both time and money.

How our proprietary repository acts as a single source of data for both DCF models and ongoing lease administration

How our services work as part of an asset acquisition

  • Scanning of lease documents
  • Indexing and compiling of scanned lease documents
  • Abstraction of lease data into our proprietary lease data repository
  • Import of relevant lease data into Argus or Dyna to create DCF models based on market assumptions you provide
  • Import of lease data into your back office accounting system once the acquisition deal is finalized
  • Update of lease data in your back office accounting system including renewals and amendments that occurred during the acquisition due diligence period
  • Data validation and preparation so that you can start managing your new assets in your back office accounting system the day after the acquisition is finalized

Experience with the global leaders in cash flow projection

RTrust has significant experience working with the global leaders in cash flow projection software:

  • Argus
  • Dyna
  • Cougar

Data on demand for Asset Dispositions and ongoing Asset Management

As part of our ongoing Lease Administration services, RTrust can maintain up-to-date DCF models for all assets in your portfolio based on accurate lease data that is consistent with data stored in your back-office accounting system. No more last minute scrambling to create DCF models for pending dispositions or for valuing your portfolio.

What now?