Data Quality Assurance

RTrust eliminates the havoc caused by bad data

Bad data can wreak havoc on a real estate organization and lead to lower CAM recovery, improper asset valuation and decreased revenue. To remedy bad data, RTrust provides detailed Data Quality Assurance services with full documentation of lease discrepancies. This helps you eliminate the havoc caused by bad data—improving data accuracy and quality.

The result? More accurate billing, higher expense recoveries, less challenging application of receipts and faster resolution to tenant inquiry.

How does Data Quality Assurance work?

Graphic showing RTrust‘s Data Quality Assurance process

RTrust profiles your data to discover inconsistencies and anomalies. We then perform data cleansing activities that improve data quality. Our goal is to reach 100% data lease accuracy and then work with you to maintain that level of quality with confidence. We address your full data lifecycle to:

  • Improve the accuracy of lease data in use today;
  • Prevent ongoing data quality decay;
  • Maintain accurate data aggregation and reporting; and
  • Establish ongoing confidence in your data.

When should Data Quality Assurance be considered?

  • Prior to an acquisition or disposition transaction
  • When management has low confidence in the accuracy, completeness and consistency of lease data
  • If different companies or staff have been abstracting your leases and entering them into your property management system with varying degrees of quality or completeness

Bad data results in confusion

Data Confusion results when data exists in multiple forms and varying qualities within a company, creating multiple versions of the “truth.” When business functions that utilize lease, the negative effects are tangible:

  • Misapplied receipts
  • Inaccurate billings
  • Missed expense recovery opportunities
  • Imprecise budgeting

What now?