CAM & Tax Reconciliation

Timely, accurate and defendable expense recovery billings have never been more critical

No one wants to leave money on the table. Tenants are examining the data with higher scrutiny than ever before and property owners are being forced to accomplish reconciliation tasks with an increasingly burdened staff. RTrust provides expertise and scalable staffing that completes year-end expense recovery reconciliations as early as possible and increases the collectability of expense recoveries.

Recover expenses faster

With a proven methodology and world-class experience in CAM modules of the major real estate accounting systems, RTrust helps many leading property owners and operators recover more of their expenses faster. Our professionals correctly apportion all recoverable expenses across participating tenants, ensuring full lease compliance.


RTrust’s CAM reconciliation services allow businesses to:

  • Complete year-end reconciliation earlier;
  • Increase the likelihood of higher recovery ratios;
  • Reduce receivables recovery time;
  • Provide easy access to complete data to answer tenant queries and audit requests;
  • Improve tenant relationships; and
  • Increase response time to tenant claims.

Experience with the leading software

  • JD Edwards
  • MRI
  • Yardi
  • Timberline
  • Excel-based data

What now?