Approach & Project Methodology

A project methodology that ensures successful transition and long-term benefits

RTrust utilizes our proprietary project methodology to design, transition and optimize sourced services. Our approach ensures smooth delivery of services as well as ongoing process improvement to provide long-term expense reduction. RTrust’s methodology provides a structured project and change management approach that allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Graphic showing RTrust‘s Methodology and approach to process excellence


During the Design stage, RTrust works closely with you to define Current State processes and design Future State sourced processes. We pay careful attention to process automation and streamlining to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy as well as cost savings. Future State sourced processes are tested during an initial pilot and then adjusted based on pilot results. Project management and change management play an important role in developing a transition plan for the remaining assets.


RTrust manages the transition of sourced processes as defined and tested during the Design stage. Project management and change management continue to play an important role in the ongoing transition. Proper documentation and employee training and real-time support are available to ensure successful adoption of the new processes. Management reporting and workflow management provide transparency into the transition and ensure that service level metrics are achieved.


RTrust continues to monitor the sourced service processes during and after the Transition stage in order to identify potential areas for continued improvement and cost savings. We also continue to identify automation and workflow management opportunities that continue the optimization effort. Our rich management reporting continues to provide transparency into operations and ensures that service level metrics are being achieved.